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VG-330I (VG-330 + IPoint)

EOL notification has been sent out to all our current VG-330I customers. If you didn't received a copy of it, please contact us immediately. VG-330I is EOL as of 6/31/2001. Thanks for all your past businesses and supports for VG-330I.

There is a growing demand for the data acquired and processed by embedded systems to be distributed to multiple computer systems. This is driven by the need to automate real-time remote data collection. The Internet now offers easy and low-cost access to a global network - making it the preferred solution over any proprietary network for remote data access applications. Embedded systems that are Internet enabled are known as Embedded Internet systems, and include: Utility meters, Security and remote surveillance systems, POS systems, ATMs, and vending machines, Remote healthcare devices, Remote monitoring of network devices, Remote Diagnostic devices, and Digital camera docking stations for remote printing.

The VG-330I is a low-cost system for OEMs looking to integrate Internet access capability into embedded applications. It is a highly flexible, combined hardware and software platform that simplifies the integration of Internet access into embedded systems and Internet Appliances, while reducing both development and manufacturing costs. It combines VG-330, an x86 compatible single-chip PC platform, with IPoint software, that includes essential real-time, networking and user interface software components.

VG-330 Brief (PDF format | 17KB)
VG-330 Data Manual (PDF Format | 2.5MB)
VG-330I Evaluation Kit
IPoint Product Brief (PDF Format | 38KB)

Reference Designs
IPump Hardware Schematics (PDF Format | 109KB)
IPump - Application Brief (PDF Format | 360KB)